UPVC Fascia

UPVc Fascias offer a low maintenance alternative to the traditional timber. No painting is necessary throughout the lifespan of UPVc and with a minimum thickness of 18mm their strength is adequate enough to be attached direct to the roof timbers. Available in standard profile or a distinctive sculpted ogee style UPVc fascias will complement any style of home.  UPVc Fascia can be supplied in a range of colours to compliment your property.

UPVC Fascia Service Options.


Contact us today. A roofing specialist will visit the intended project property. The scope of work will be noted and any advise will be given at this time with no obligation or cost to the property owner. A formal quote will follow the assessment.

Works Undertaken

The Specialist Roofing team will arrive on site and carry out a professional job as outlined in the quotation. Our friendly and courteous team will complete the project in a timely and efficient manner.

Job Complete

Once the works are complete we carry out a full site inspection, ensuring full customer satisfaction.